1. Collaborations with Paul J. McCormick

    2015-10-18 20:45:00 UTC
    Recently, I was invited to participate in the faculty exhibition for the Department of Art and Art History here at Auburn. My husband, Paul, was also asked to participate in the exhibition as he, too, is an adjunct at the University. We both accepted, and are excited that we have…

  2. SIGD Creative Exchange

    2015-07-22 12:30:00 UTC
    This week I have been teaching a photography workshop for Auburn University’s School of Industrial and Graphic Design. This is the first year they are conducting an International Creative Exchange– four students from China are participating in a 3-week workshop focusing on the interaction between Eastern and Western design processes…

  3. Underwater experiment

    2015-07-08 20:28:00 UTC
    I finally purchased a DICAPAC in June and started to play around with it over the fourth of July weekend. I’m excited about experimenting with it now that I’ve made it through the, ‘put-your-pricey-camera-in-a-bag-that-should-work-underwater’ freakout. A lot of the images included the lens housing and I left my goggles in…

  4. Hello

    2015-06-29 15:44:00 UTC
    Hello readers, creative-types, and curious folk!  I’ve decided to start posting to a blog page as a way to share upcoming exhibitions or events, WIP, random experimentation, the work of my colleagues, and general musings in a setting slightly more informal/interactive than my website. I’m excited to put all-of-the-above out…

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