The focus of my work is how individuals engage in escapism and leisure. Sleep is a restorative activity, but it is desired because it serves as a break. The ability to set aside time for participation in leisure activity is covetable and considered a goal for many. Leisure culture provides a wealth of investigative opportunities– ranging from how we escape everyday routine to the more universal design of how leisure is marketed to the masses. The state of being at ease is ubiquitous, and yet the way in which we recognize and engage in leisure is personal.

Recognizing leisure as a state of mind rather than being activity-based has been pivotal to my work. By understanding that escapism is intrinsically motivated allows for a greater understanding that one can transcend experience and environment to a state of flow. Flow state, is seemingly amoebic and fleeting, yet still obtainable when challenge and skill are applied appropriately. I frequently choose to work in photo, video, and installation.

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